Set-Up Instructions

Welcome to Autumn in Moorestown

Dear Artisan:

These instructions are for Autumn in Moorestown, Saturday, October 8th, 2016. Show hours are 9:00 AM to 4PM rain or shine. Set up time will begin at 7:00AM. All Participants must be on site by 8:00AM.

Event Entrance: The event entrance is at Main St. and Church St. there will be volunteers to help you find your booth.

Only one vehicle permitted per vendor. All participants must enter Main St. via Church Street. Please note: you will be rerouted if you try to enter by any other street than Church Street. Please display your Vendor sign on your windshield to speed up the entry process. Tell the volunteer at the barricade on Main & Church your booth number and you will be directed to your general location. Volunteers are also available to help if you have questions or need assistance.

Booths will be set up against the curb in your designated location, the middle of the street will be a walkway to the buying public.

Please proceed to your space, drop your supplies and immediately move your vehicle off the street to designated vendor parking areas, prior to beginning booth setup. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OFF THE STREET BY 8:30AM. Be careful when moving your vehicle to parking areas!!

Booth display: We provide the space, you must supply your own means of display. Including a table, tent and chairs. All booths must be attractive on all sides, no boxes or merchandise should be visible. All displays should be free standing.
NO electricity is available, if you need power, you must provide your own generator.
If you plan to use a gas generator at the event, you MUST call Moorestown Twps. at: 856-234-1222 x 10
Sales Tax Certificates should be clearly visible in you booth.

Sponsors: If you are a sponsor you will be provided with a table and 2 chairs. Tents and any power requirements are the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Booth location: Your Booth location is indicated on your receipt. Please unload at the booth site and move your vehicle to the designated vendor parking area before beginning setup. All Booth Spaces are 10ft. by 10ft.

Vendor Parking: Parking in the municipal lot at the Town Hall is limited. Town Hall Lot located near the intersection of Church and 2nd Street. Access to this area through various entry points off Main St. Please do not park in the municipal parking directly behind Main Street, this is general parking. Once the lot is full you will need to use the off-site parking at Lincoln Tech. Lincoln Tech is providing FREE parking and a FREE Shuttle Service throughout the day. Follow the FREE Parking signs to park in their large lot on 308 W. Rte 38, (or enter from Harper Drive) and look for the LTI buses. The shuttle will drop you off at High Street, one block from Main. Please do not park on side streets or undesignated parking areas in the parking lots. There is a good chance you will be ticketed if you do so.

Please display your 'Vendor' sign on your dashboard to enter the event and when in the municipal parking lot. Note: a limited number of Vendor signs will be available at the entrance, if you do not have you sign, please ask for one.

Public Restrooms: We will have three (3) locations for portable toilets off Main Street. Restrooms are located behind PNC Bank , Beneficial Bank & Workman's Bile Shop. Signs will be posted.

Booth Breakdown: You may begin breakdown at 4:00 PM. Please breakdown you booth and pack you inventory before bringing your vehicle back onto the street. The street will reopen to general traffic @ 5:30PM prompt!

TRASH: Please put our trash in plastic bags and secure the openings and place at the curb. Please Note: Moorestown recycles, so please separate your recyclable materials and place on the South side (even numbered side) of the street, non recyclables on the North side, (uneven numbered side)

The number to call on Saturday, October 8th is: 609-230-1115. Note: This is a cell number.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a profitable day.